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Year of Sorrow Ch.11 Hope.
---[Tuesday April 4th, 2017, 9:28 PM. Mancuso household Komyoki.]---
“You're acting like the tsundere of a harem anime! What’s wrong with you!?” Leon asked worried about his daughter but still angry for the way she is acting.
“Nothing’s wrong with me!!!” Madoka responded though she was blushing for some strange reason.
“ still have feelings for Andr-kun don't you? Is that why your acting this way with your father and me?” Brigitte asked her daughter who just blushed angrily and hesitates to say anything.
“If they're feelings, they're not feelings of love.” Leon said in a bit of a bored tone as he remembered this kind of thing being a common theme in a certain book he wrote.
“Exactly!!” Madoka yelled out though still blushing.
“No, seriously! I mean it!”
:icongreendolphin24:Greendolphin24 3 0
Year of Sorrow Ch.10, Family troubles.
---[Tuesday April 4th, 2017, 9:20 PM. Mancuso household Komyoki.]---
It was late evening at the Mancuso household in Komyoki, as Leon Mancuso was in his home office struggling with the latest chapter for his latest book.  He was also upset since this wasn’t the first time he had been late on a chapter, but this time around it was different as his mind was troubled by what had happened to him and his family over the past month. Luckily, he wasn’t alone as through the open doorway of his office his wife Brigitte Mancuso saw the kind of pain her husband was in, Without a second thought she started to walk into the room. Her bare feet walking on the carpeted floor as she came up behind her husband’s desk chair and wrapped her arms around it to hug him from behind, wheeling the desk away from the desk slightly as Leon acknowledged the hug with a light sigh as he relaxed in his wife’s caring arms.
“are you
:icongreendolphin24:Greendolphin24 3 0
Year of Sorrow Ch.9 The New Threat.
---[Saturday April 1st, 2017, 1:31 PM. Komyoki’s Northern market district.]---
It was a pretty normal weekend day at the shops and stalls of Komyoki’s north side market district, as a seemingly endless amount of people were out and about shopping for groceries or what they needed for the upcoming week. Which is why it seemed all the most perplexing when both Tidal girl and Magical kitty landed in a vacant lot behind one of the stores, since there was no crimes or anything of the like going on which made Tidal girl wonder as she spoke into the comms since she was confused. “Hey Shinobu you sure that the Crime Detection Network is working alright? As there’s nothing going on here at all.”
“It seems to be in working order on my end, you sure there’s nothing going on as the system is picking up a kidnapping there.” Shinobu replied through the comms from the safety of the Protectors of Komyoki headq
:icongreendolphin24:Greendolphin24 1 6
My 3DCG, Kentaro Umi. by Greendolphin24 My 3DCG, Kentaro Umi. :icongreendolphin24:Greendolphin24 1 38


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Mobius USA! Janet Gaul
Oh no no no! Why do all the bad things happen to me?! First i couldn't find my glasses,next my socks turned my home sweater pink,then my slides were lost,then i had a caterpillar in my shirt,then my slides were replaced with big red flats,and now those were stolen!

i should probably explain to you all who this is shouldn't i? Well if you read the chapter about koda and shinobu you'd know that shinobu's green mary janes were worn out of the gym,this is the girl who stole them.
Walking away from the gym on the sidewalk was a red bird wearing a gray sweatshirt with black workout gloves showing her red finger tips,matching gray sweatpants (this is her workout uniform,her actual outfit is more personalized) a pair of long white socks and the green mary janes from before,a pair of thick brimmed circular glasses over her eyes and the red hair on her head tied back into a spikey ponytail.
this little birdy is miss janet gaul,a frequent visitor of the camalo gym (names are hard) and sec
:iconrandom999999:random999999 2 7
Stealing A Magician's Boots by BlueGidGuy
Mature content
Stealing A Magician's Boots :iconbluegidguy:BlueGidGuy 15 11


  • Listening to: video game music
  • Reading: manga and fanfictions
  • Watching: netflix shows
  • Playing: fallout 4, tekkit classic
  • Eating: snacks
  • Drinking: lemonade
Alone in Senji's Room. by Greendolphin24

Hey all I just wanted to let you know that lately you guys may of noticed a bit of a change in recent pictures, Pretty much my stories and pictures are no longer going to take place in the present day and now are going to be set at a certain point in time so I am no longer limited by deadlines and can write these out too my own pace. Something to notice is that all pictures from here on out will be set at a certain date or time to give a clear idea when the pics are set, that way you won't have say a summer scene in the middle of winter and wondering what the hell is going on. Anyway i'm sorry about this change but it kinda has to be done for storytelling sake, As well as for character building.


wave of OC files coming, sorry about this 
suffering from burn out so requests are open to my friends, and I won't be making anything storyline related for about a week.
Not really up for doing much today, So i'll just post some Images with Katomi and Yumeko in them tonight. 
heatwave has me unable to write the next chapter of Year of Sorrow, So if anything i'm going to work on casual non-canon with the main storyline works until i adjust to this.'s started, i'm my my summer schedule where i sleep all day and am stuck awake all night, it's mostly due to my allergy's and such so sorry for people i am roleplaying with. 


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